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Construction & Maintenance Services

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Civil Construction:

Ajamy management staff and field personnel have broad experience in the construction industry and have combined their skills to create a professional, innovative team capable of undertaking diverse aspects of design and construction. Ajamy supplements its permanent workforce with contract labour. Our flexibility on work sites is enabled by the use of subcontractors who operate a diverse range of equipment, ensuring the right equipment is used for each specific project. Specialised tasks such as concrete kerbing and asphalting works are undertaken by these experienced, reputable subcontractors.

Ajamy is involved in all forms of civil infrastructure works and have developed a reputation as being a smart, well resourced and reliable civil contractor with project experience in the following areas:
Road construction, Carpark construction
Residential and commercial building construction
Drainage and Culverts
Pipelines (buried, welded steel, concrete lined)
Foundations, Site levelling and preparation
Maintenance contracts – roading, drainage and landscaping
Pads & footings, Trenching


Electrical Solutions:

Ajamy provides a full range of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial electrical services. All electrical work carried out by Ajamy is carried out by qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians. Our range of electrical services include:

Construction of low voltage and high voltage substations
Installation of low voltage and high voltage overhead and underground power transmission lines
Urban, rural and industrial electrification
Marine installations
Commercial Installations
CCTV Installations
Voice and Data Installations
Domestic installations
Worksite temporary installations
All types of Fire alarm installations
Building management services
Installation and maintenance of electric generators

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Mechanical Construction and Maintenance

We also execute Mechanical Fabrication & Erection Works.
Our service areas include:

Steel Roof construction
Steel Platform construction
Warehouse construction
Fabrication of steel truss and storage tanks
Construction of House boat and Porter cabins for residential and office accommodation
Construction of Tug Boats
Construction of Barges

We also undertake:

Offshore Marine Equipment Lease
Marine Equipment Construction
Flow Station upgrading and maintenance
Rig movement and Rig positioning
Drilling support
Fiber-glass Piping Installation
Provision and operation of support vessel for marine support services Top