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AllMaritim serves the maritime and industrial industries for the protection of the environment, through provision of oil recovery equipment like oil and chemical absorbents/booms and inshore oil booms. Product Portfolio includes:
NOFI oil recovery systems
Absorbent booms
Absorbent Sheet
Normar freefloating weir skimmers and EBOS outrigger system
Accessories and products within oil protection.




Manufacturer of Vertical and Horizontal Controlled Air medial and solid waste Incinerator systems. Product line includes:
Medical, Industrial and Municipal Incinerators
Ash Removal systems
Waste to energy systems
Wet scrubbers
Autoclaves for medical waste, etc.




Akvaplanniva offers a wide range of environmental consultancy, monitoring and research services. Services for the petroleum industry include marine environmental monitoring studies, design of surveys and guidelines, impact and risk assessments, oil spill contingency planning and sensitivity mapping.

Dooley Tackaberry



World leading supplier of Fire Fighting, Safety and Rescue equipment and systems for oil and gas projects. Top