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Safety & Environmentals

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Fire safety:

Our Safety and Fire solutions include:

Construction, Operation & Maintenance of Fire-water systems.
Provision of fire fighting trucks and trained personnel.
Consultancy services for analyzing safety and fire fighting problems and a comprehensive range of fire safety protection.

Training for personnel through on-site demonstrations covering areas like:

Combustion theory.
Fire classification systems.
Types and operation of fire extinguishers.
Fire extinguisher training.
Fire-fighting techniques.
Fire Evacuation procedures.
Use of hose reels.
General maintenance and good housekeeping.


Environmental Solutions:

We supply, install and commission Industrial waste incinerators, including Oily sludge (waste oil) and sewage sludge, municipal and medical waste incinerators from world leading manufacturers.

Our incinerators are built to the highest standards and quality to meet the most stringent environmental standards.
They can be equipped for automatic waste loading or manual loading to suit "batch operation" and automatic ash removal to allow for "continuous operation" and are easy to operate and maintain.
Our range of incinerator systems have been supplied and installed in many establishments in Nigeria, including the oil industry and hospitals.


Oil Pollution Management:

Ajamy supplies a wide range of oil spill response products to the oil, gas, maritime and industrial sectors. We have the capability of delivering oil spill response products at very short notices during emergencies and are willing to go into partnership with end users to keep stock of consumables in the country so as to make them readily available for use during emergencies.
Some of these products include Oilbooms, freefloating weir skimmers (Recovery Systems), Absorbents, outriggers, etc.
We also provide:

Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA). Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES).
Construction, operations and maintenance of sewage and solid waste management facilities.
Environmental audits and specialized equipment procurement. Top