Ajamy Oil and Gas Ltd

Process Control Systems

Process Control Systems

Process Control Systems

Our Process Control engineers handle Fabrication, Assembly and Integration of Process Skids and Utility Enclosures for the the following:

  • Any Process Skid – e.g., Gas Treatment, Chemical Injection, Test Separator
  • Any utility enclosure – e.g., local equipment room, Control Room, Safe Refuge
  • Provide Control and Integration of these systems to the existing facility

We provide Full implementation of PLC – SIS – DCS – HMI – SCADA Process Controls Systems (PCS) in Nigeria – eliminating high cost/delays in mobilizing expatriates

AMS Knowledge Base

To effectively support its strategic maintenance plan, every production facility must have real time availability of all necessary information (as-built and as-operating knowledge) of which the below four sources – taken together – will help guarantee the greatest life cycle return on its asset’s management investments: –

  • RFID Tag related data
  • Three-dimensional data
  • Pareto faults data
  • Operational performance data

Our Process Control team has the technical capacity to provide AMS knowledge base for client’s facility.